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Bora Bora Glass Bottom Boat

Underwater Lagoon discovery

A great way to enjoy and discover the beauty of the underwater lagoon world of Bora Bora without ever getting wet, is a Glass Bottom Boat activity.

Perfect for the non-snorkeler who wants a beautiful and relaxing tour without any worries whatsoever.

glass bottom boat

Activity : 1 Hour 1/2

Glide gently over multicolored exotic coral and fish life in our comfortable 33 foot cruiser boat, and learn about the history and facts of our famous lagoon.

You'll find yourself fascinated as our diving guides show you the beauty of the lagoon they call home, especially after you've seen them feed the brilliantly colored fish just a few feet from the glass you're looking through!

These 1 and 1/2 hour cruises take place under the majestic and scenic mountains of central Bora bora. A wonderful photographic experience !

We Love and respect these waters

bora bora glass bottom boat

Our love and respect for the lagoon and all the activities possible within her surrounding waters allowed us to recognize years ago the importance of treating the pristine waters of the Bora Bora lagoon and surrounding ocean as our own home... so we do, and we encourage you to do the same.

We've been diving, snorkeling, touring, exploring, and making a living off these waters for over 45 years.

Now, with your help and the same respect for her beauty and creatures, we can continue to share it's beauty and magic with others far into the future.

Glass Bottom Boat

unique glass bottom boat bora bora

Tour duration : 1 Hours 1/2

calendar icoDays: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

times icoDeparture: 10:00 am

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