Bora Bora Lagoon Fishing

Lagoon Trolling

Inside the lagoon of Bora Bora, enjoy a half day fishing experience on our famous 17 foot Boston Whaler.

The calmer water of the lagoon of Bora Bora will allow some quiet light tackle trolling for jacks, rainbow runner, blue fin trevally, big eye trevally, small barracuda, lagoon bonito, needle fish, snappers and groupers.

lagoon fishing bora bora

Fishing : 4 hours

Our captain will also be able to take you to some spots close to the barrier reef for some spinning or popper (on request).

Fish sizes vary from 1/2 pound (250 gr) to 10 pounds (5 kg) for some of them.

But you can also be surprised by a big jack over 30 pounds Flying fishing possible inside the lagoon for guests with their own equipments.

There are some bonefish in Bora Bora but very difficult to catch them because of the corals.

Prefer lures and in color orange / pink / white / yellow. Equipment used: Camry GP 3 500 with 10 lbs. test, and Penn 450 SS with 16 lbs. test.

Tour operates : Morning or Afternoon all days.

Maximum 4 pax onboard.

Lagoon Fishing

fishing bora bora lagoon

4 Hours Fishing

Days :

Morning Departure :

Afternoon Departure :

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