Bora Bora Private Sunset Tours

Champagne and Romance

Starting at the end of the afternoon, this Private Sunset Tour offers some of the most breathtaking views all over Bora Bora attractive lagoon.
Discover first hand the vivid colors mix and change while the sun fades over the horizon.

A magnificent exposure!

champagne sunset

Activity : 2 Hours

What could be more romantic than sipping a glass of chilled champagne, pinky finger curled up, tasting the tropical fruits and local delights all the while enjoying the last vibrant sun beams and a sunset of glowing color ?

During this two-hours private tour, you can either relax on the boat enjoying your glass of bubbly or, when you prefer, step out and swim with the rays, sharks and many tropical fish. To top it off, stroll hand in hand along a secluded inlet, kick up the shallow waters, and ring your champagne flutes together, a true episode of romantic brilliance.

motu Picto
Check out also our Blue lagoon Cruise Tour 4 hours duration.

This private cruise will invite you to discover and appreciate Bora Bora’s underwater beauty as well as its land.