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Bora Bora Whales Watching

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Humpback whale

Every year, humpback whale come to French Polynesia, they migrate from the south pole to our warm waters.

Those fantastic animals stay around Bora Bora from July till October and we propose a tour to be able to watch them.

Exceptional experience

The humpback whale are either resting, traveling or socialising.

Our guide will approach the animals as much as the law allows it without disturbing them, you might ever be lucky to go and swim with them.

On the boat there will always be a guide and a captain so ensure the correct safety rules.

As the whales are wild animals, we cannot garantee their presence but the guide has a great experience and will do his best to make your tour the highlight of your stay in french Polynesia.

If you’ve never seen a big animal join this unique tour, it’s time to do it !

Bora Bora Whale Watching


4 Hours Tour

Days:calendar ico Monday through Sunday

Morning Departure:times ico 9:00 am

Afternoon Departure:times ico 1:00 pm

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